Time for a little change

One of the things I really wanted to do, one of many I might add, during my stay in the Argentine, was to practice and hopefully improve my writing and at the same time tell my story.

Writing, like absolutely everything, is all about practice, of course, also like everything, some people can and some people can't, but even those who can or who want to give it a serious try, need to 1) practice and 2) seek inspiration.

This blog has meant many things to me, it began during a very important and self-defining moment in my life, back in 2009 and has followed me ever since.  It has been a way to communicate my thoughts, my adventures, fish for compliments on my new hairstyles, seek reassurance when I was about to do something crazy, seek advice.  However, since it's about me it has not allowed me to go 'outside' of myself and of course since I've made it so public I can never really write about everything everything like all the  drunken sex parties I attend (my mother and the sisters in Madagascar read this blog!)

How to reconcile this conundrum? A good friend, who has taken a vested interest in my writing, suggested I 1) I stop my neurotic ramblings about how hard breakups and choices are and all the icky heart felt stuff no one wants to read about (millions of Eat, Pray, Love readers might not agree…. But ok he has a point) 2) expand my writing and take my 'readers' (I realize how pretentious it is of me to think that I have readers, but this is my blog and my world, and in my world I have readers, there is global peace and I have no cellulite), 3) I start a new blog, a blog that isn’t about me and where I have no limitations.

This (see below) is the result of that discussion, this blog is about Monneypenny and Bond and the possibility that they met not as an MI6 agent and a secretary but as tango dancers searching for something that they might find through tango, through living in Buenos Aires and maybe a little through each other, also Monneypenny’s mom doesn’t know about the blog so she can freely write about the sex parties and such.

I will continue this blog, as one can never get enough practice and because I’m not ready to give it up but I do want to know what you think as readers, a very simple I like or don’t like because….  I once took a wine tasting class and the instructor told us that there is so much ‘pompousness’ around wine but that in the end all that matters is whether you like how it tastes.  So about the writing I’m not asking whether it was aged in a french or bulgarian oak barrel, or whether you can taste the lavender but simply if you enjoy it and if not what can be improved, you don’t have to be a literary critic to express your opinion.

So here goes nothing:



  1. Out of a comfortable life to Buenos Aires; now out of the last remaining comfort zone to a new blog!

    1. And into some very uncomfortable dancing shoes!

  2. Oh darling, you danced like a dream. Along with Stephanie, you are my rock and inspiration.


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