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Oh how I've missed you

An interesting phenomenon happens when you start writing; writing something that someone else might read.  You somehow start seeing the things that happen to you like a story; an untold story waiting to be told; you see a random occurrence as a potential anecdote; you have conversations that you might want to recall or maybe even tweak a little; and this continuous narrative goes on in your head, as if you're continuously writing. 

At some point you even look for situations which might make the best story, instead of your stories following you, you start following them.  I've been following stories since last August without actually putting any of them down on paper and I admit I've missed writing.

This blog started as 'Leaving on a Jet plane' an easy way for my friends and family to follow my sabbatical in Africa and south east Asia a few years ago, then it became an random collection of everything going on in my mind/life, then it became an hommage to tango and t…

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