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Today is Chinese new year and since I havent't been able to shut up about how I went to Korea, how my best friend is Korean...and so on with the Korean sister, she invited to celebrated with the local Korean commununity.

So here I am going to celebrate chinese new year with a Korean sister named sister Francesca, who i speak french with... in Madagascar!

When we got there i felt so at home as if Angela was going to pop out of some corner.

We got in to a crowd of disappearing eyelids, people bowing and asian hugging ( for those who don't know asian hugging consists of lowering the torso so as to let your shoulders touch and frantically padding the back while keep the genitals as far as possible for the other person... I love you Ange!)

I throw around what I remember of my Korean. Anneyong asseyo! Anneyong Hashimnika!
Gamsa Hamnida.

Then as i turned towards the middle of the room.... Lo and Behold a karaoke machine!!!! Now i'm sure Ange's mom is going to pop out of somewhere and sing!

I felt like i was at one of Ange's birthdays.... long live stereotypes. Everyone takes the singing very seriously.

It was amazing! j'vous aime mes gamines :)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha
    I'm about to write you guys an email about the weekend. Long live asian hugging. DE BASE! lol

  2. Nice,
    you forgot,
    ''Mctchou ana juseyo''
    J'ai aucune idée comment l'écrire... (Une bière svp..)

    seb x

  3. I got your text when I arrived in LA! fuzzy glove =) It made my day! ^.^ Meci~ (i just wrote you+the girls the longest email ever. Saorry.)

  4. Last comment just for today =p: I looked at your pictures and I just wanted to tell you how pretty you looked in them! T'es bellllllle =) Keep uploading them! xoxox

  5. happy new year to you too andreea! who knew that you would be celebrating too! i cracked up with the "moron" story...for some reason they appear EVERYWHERE in the oddest places too! i've seen them during my travels and even when i challenged them, they were sooo clueless...

    nice pics lady! your hair looks great!

  6. Yeah the hair looks great and you DO look cute...

    BUT could you please post some more pictures of MEAT! Can't get enough pictures of hanging MEAT! LOL!!!

    PS Pizda



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