A random discussion with mommy

Mom: So how was Europe?  Who did you see?

Me: So and so, and such and such, they all say hi and send their love.

Mom: Did you see Scully's parents, are they ok?

Scully was a Jack Russel I had partially adopted/stolen from some friends of mine in Brussels.  Her parents, two lovely men, traveled quite a bit and needed the occasional babysitter for which I was but too happy to oblige.  I loved her to a point of maybe slight obsession, having had big dogs all my life that I couldn't believe how easy a 10lbs dog could be. I brought her everywhere, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, I once even took her into the shower with me.  Sadly Scully died last year and my mother having lost a dog last year as well knows all too well the pain of losing your best friend.

Mom: They should get another dog, it helps with the pain.

Me: They're not ready, plus they travel quite a bit so at the moment it would be difficult.

Mom: Where do they travel to?

Me: Everywhere really, Paris, Budapest (ah Budapest) Amsterdam....

Mom: They have family in Amsterdam?

Me: No people go to Amsterdam for other reasons.

Mom: Like?

Me: You know sex drugs and rock'n roll.

Mom: What?  Really?

Me: Yes I know people are still into Rock'n roll, you figure they would move on to something else by now.

Mom (laughing): Silly girl, but really sex...

Me: Yes sex and sex parties do happen in Amsterdam.

Mom (hesitating): 'their' kind of sex?  (their being gay)

Me: Yes theirs and ours.

Mom: What??

Me: Yes, crazy thing heterosexuals are now also having sex and celebrating with with a party!  It's a bit unheard of but you know 'Europe' very avant-garde, they think one day it might spread to here. I know first heterosexual sex and what next?

Mom (laughing her heart out): Stop you're killing me.

I could not have made this up.....


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