How to plan a trip

WhatsApp chat group:

Jeremie:  So yeah Australia is great and in one month I'm going to Bali.

Me: Bali that does sound nice, I haven't been to South East Asia in a while.

Jeremie:  So just come!

Paolo: Eh Oh, how is everyone?  All you non-working people.....

Me: Huh, actually yeah, why not go to Bali...

Jeremie: Oh my God are you serious?

Me: Paolo you wanna go to Bali?

Paolo:  Do you need any special shots to go there?

Me: Seriously that's your question?  Yes shots of Vodka, shots of rum......all kinds of shots!!

Paolo: Oki then.

So with a few messages, a little plane ticket research, an impressive quantity of sun screen, I was off on a new adventure and best of all to be reunited with my awesome threesome!


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