Youtube my new Best friend

Them: Wow so Andreea what are you doing with all this free time?

Me: Well I'm following some online classes, writing and such and there's so many lectures on Youtube.

Them: Very cool but why not take an actual class, like painting or music or something.

So this is the thing, when I was initially 'confronted' with the idea of 'all this free time', I wanted to do what any sensible person wants to do, make the  most of it!  Do all those things that you usually say, 'if only I had more time'.  I want to travel, take an art class, maybe set more time aside to write.....find a cure for cancer,.... find the solution to the world's energy problem.

So here I was armed with my mom's laptop, an unlimited internet subscription and time. At first I tried to find a painting or sculpting class but I very quickly found out that artists apparently take the summer off.  So no classes but I did find a workshop on Prime Colours, an 2-day intensive training on oil paint colour mixing, 450$.  Hmmm ok maybe not quite in my budget for now. Then actual classes at McGill, hmm ok you have to be in the continuing education program you can just randomly take a class..... I can see why people end up on facebook all day!

Ok luckily there is always a solution and I discovered  you can find everything on Youtube and I mean everything (except the cure for cancer and the world's energy problems, so I'll have to find that on my own).

It's actually quite overwhelming you can learn about absolutely everything just for the fun of learning.  My friend's 5 year-old has taken it upon herself to teach me about colours because that was the theme at her daycare last week but for the rest youtube here I come!


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