Time catching up continued

After my last post it was very discreetly brought to my attention that I had left out a few very important visits, so here is the rest of the missing accelerated time.

1) Budapest: Still my favourite city in Europe (yet another thing I have in common with Sisi... ).  Budapest is old Europe at it's best, it's Paris without the 'in your face' of Paris, it's Prague without the Disneyland Prague has become, Budapest just is because it knows it doesn't need to be anything else but itself.  It's old Europe discreetly and beautifully moving forward, it's traditional but accepting, it's timid and remembers its days behind the iron curtain.  I don't have enough poetic words to describe how much I've loved every visit to this incredible place.

2) Lausanne: a piece of home visiting the old continent.  Lausanne gave us an idea of how 'little' we actually need to be happy... why little in the world's richest country?  Mainly because you couldn't afford more than 'little', but when it comes to happiness size actually never matters.

3) Lithuania:  My third and last of the Baltic visits.  I went to Lithuania to meet an old friend, my coach from X-years ago who first came to Canada as a special guest from the Soviet Union.  Vaida changed all of our lives and I couldn't believe the luck I had not only to know her but to be able to find her again.  And Vilnius is a lovely lovely place, full of mystery and well kept secrets.

Ok so now we can move on!
Mel and I are just packing ready to go to Kuala Lumpur and Bali!  I hope you can all join us.


  1. Now the history is written, we look forward to you writing the future.


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