Because tomorrow is another day

Today I'm a 30-something year old loser living at her mother's who has no idea what the next step in her life should be
Tomorrow I'll be something else

Today I'm single again and wondering if it wasn't all a big mistake, wondering why this perfect man she was with was not 'her' perfect man
Tomorrow I'll be thankful to have my happiness in my own hands

Today I'm in my jammies at 1PM waiting to know if Bo from Days of our Lives will make it out of his coma
Tomorrow I won't care because as we all know they all make it out of their comas

Today I feel old and unattractive
Tomorrow... watch out for my hotness

Today I feel alone and I  miss everyone from everywhere
Tomorrow I'll feel like I have 10 homes around the world, each filled with love and support

Today I just don't know what to do
Tomorrow I'll know I can do anything

Today I doubt my all of my decisions and wonder if I'll ever meet anyone who will love me as much
Tomorrow I'll know I'm already loved and that I have everything it takes to make it

Today I feel lost and constantly looking back at the life that I lost, wondering why I couldn't make work in my head
Tomorrow I'll look ahead and get excited, because tomorrow is another day, a day filled with endless possibilities, all of which I will know are achievable

Today I'm scared
Tomorrow I'll be fearless and unstoppable

Today I'm in mourning for what I lost
Tomorrow I'll be excited for what I can have

Today I can't wait for tomorrow
Tomorrow I'll seize the day!


  1. Tomorrow is the start of the rest of your life. It's when you wake and feel the difference.

  2. Belgium is a country where people often cry twice: once they arrive and once they have to leave. My advice: once you have found a good place to live in, do not leave it!

  3. I agree with Frennet Belgium is a country where people often cry twice: once they arrive and once they have to leave.

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