I'm just going to put it out there

Today I was looking up random things online and came across some highlights from the latest Miss USA pageant.

So one of the questions was centered around the concept of feminism and equality.... Hmmm one question: Do we have a Mister USA?  Or even a Mrs USA, what's with the Miss crap?   I don't want to go 'there' but can we really say that we're going towards equality with things like bathing suit contests for women?  When anti-wrinkle cream adds feature 16 year old girls with a streak of gray hair photoshopped in? Whilst Georges Clooney can sport his endearing grays and cute expression wrinkles, because like a fine wine, he gets better with age.....  Come to think of it have you ever seen an anti-wrinkle commercial for men?

I wrote an entry a while back about this absurd movie called 'Flirting with 40' where Heather Locklear, who is 40, is dating some surf instructor who is 28 and during the entire movie she 'runs around' hiding her aged body because she's 40.... So if you don't know what Heather Locklear looked like when this movie came out, picture a perfect... say 18 year old's body, one who works out and who has been blessed with the perfect body and you'll know what she looked like.  What exactly is this movie saying?  Yes women at 40 can be beautiful (thank god) but they're especially beautiful if they still look 20.  Does this statement hold true for men?

When we speak about equality or feminism, it's often centered around equal opportunity, and obviously that's important. essential,... but what about the beauty standards women have to live up to?  I'm not saying that there won't always be an element of 'sex' between how men and women relate and that beauty doesn't play a part in that, but can we really say that beauty standards for men and women are equal?  Is it really a mystery why most women hate their body, hate their skin, their nose, their lips, their pinky toe?  the size of their breasts? and usually themselves....

Why is it normal for a woman to spend hours putting make-up on to improve her features when men can just go out into the world as they are, shouldn't their cheek bones be accentuated?  Their lips made a little fuller?  Their eyes made a little brighter?

In my humble opinion, equality will never be achieved if we don't talk about everything that truly separates men and women in an honest and complete way and somehow a beauty contest for women feels like an odd place to broach the subject.... unless of course it's with the intent of proving how ridiculous of an event it is.


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