The invisible woman

I'm in a cafe working on a "worst-case" analysis for work and there is a girl on her phone breaking up with her boyfriend and I'm either invisible or she really really doesn't care that I can hear everything she says.

I can only hear one end of the conversation but all the classics are coming out and she's holding strong, I wanna give her a high five!

So here's a little of how it goes:

- I don't even know why you want to talk about this, for me there is nothing to talk about. I told you that once I'm fed up and it's over, there's no going back and now I'm fed up so there's no point in speaking about this.

Long pause (as the other person speaks and here I am thinking it's her boyfriend but it could be her girlfriend) I can see her breathing changing and her face getting redder.

- No no no that's not how it goes at all, I waited for almost 2 years for things to change and they didn't and now you say you'll change and you want another chance!  There is no other chance, you said you loved me and you cared about me, then how could you have treated me like this and watched me suffer for so long.

Pause, she's starts laughing ironically, playing with the sugar pack and constantly fixing her hair.

- It's not enough anymore, i can't do it anymore, i've been alone now for a few weeks and it's been so good for me.... I don't miss you at all!  I don't see why I would go back to what we had before?

She starts frowning and twitching.

-Ok yes one day i'll forgive you but not today and even when i do it won't mean I'm going to give you antoher chance! It's over and I want you to leave me alone.

-Je n'en peux plus, tu ne veux pas comprendre c'est fini là.  Je pense que tu exagères, tu veux quoi de plus comme preuve que j'en ai rien à foutre de toi!

-Do you have anything else to say? Anything new? Because I have to go now.  I'm done with this and I'm done with you!

She hangs up and starts crying.... :

She looks sad, angry and relieved all at the same time. I got her a glass of water when her phone call was over and I asked her if she needed something a little stronger... she laughed and said she was going to bed.

Yeah breakups, they really are a horrible but sometimes very necessary thing.  Now this girl seems to be in her early 30's barely and she's very pretty so I'm sure she'll be ok but sometimes I wonder how people who have been together for most of their lives, do it when they decide to call it quits?  After you've slept, eaten, cooked, raised children....with the same person and then one day you start all over.  It takes a lot of courage i guess...

Anyhow that was just my thought of the day (I've missed writing).


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