The circle of life

So a few weeks ago I wrote about someone or I should say someoneS losing a loved one.  It’s strange, even though I’m far away when I spoke to my mom or to my friends that went to the service, I could feel their sadness all the way here.  When I thought about Many’s 89 year-old grandfather who lived this long only to see his son die before him of cancer…. It just broke my heart.  I thought of Many in NYC worrying about her mom in Montreal, about Mrs Favaro left alone after living her entire life in a full house…..

Anyhow, last week, on a completely different note and in a completely new and unexpected environment I witnessed (from a distance) a family expecting a new member.  I was very shortly at the hospital a few hours before the baby made his first appearance and I was thinking how strange of a place a hospital can be…. On one floor a family excited and shedding tears of joy as they welcome a new member in to their family and then one floor up or down another family might be shedding their tears saying goodbye to one. 

I wonder does the joy of a birth nullify the sorrow of a death?  I was in a very strange way overwhelmed with every type of emotion, I thought of my dad,  of Many’s dad…the I thought of Many or Anne Marie or Ange or Joyce having kids and how I wasn’t there for any of their births or their birthdays….then I thought of my own life and how I might never experience having children but I will for sure experience losing loved ones again…. 

It’s really strange feeling to be confronted with life, every day we think about work, or about cleaning our house or doing groceries but we never really think about life about how our time here is so finite.  Do you ever think about how we were all cute babies at one point?  Just babies, innocent, confused and completely dependent on our parents, we all have this in common, Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi…. All just little babies at one point and then life happens to us and makes us into the people we are intended to be.

Anyhow, I Just wanted to share a little of the things going through my head….


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