Even if starting a new year is really just like starting a new day, there's always some nostalgia mixed with a false sense of hope when a new year rolls around... this year I will.... this year will be...... this time it'll be different.

I wonder why?  Or is it just me that thinks this way?  Obviously I've chosen a rather unconventional lifestyle for myself which to be honest sounds more unconventional than it actually is but the one thing I have (which we all have but it somehow more inherent in my life) is the choice to simply radically change my life from one day to the next.  To live here, to work there.. to travel here.  It's a privilege which like anything doesn't come without cost....it can also be exhausting to always wonder, what is the best option?  And where would my life me if I had turned left instead of right?  And where to take it from here?

Anyhow I don't have any of these answers but I can say that 2014 started in the best of ways....

With a New Year's kiss (My Godson Octavian)

And a little goofing off  YAY for 2014!!!


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