It's not the size that counts....

So where to go.....a little get-away before x-mas?  London...Paris....Amsterdam... Copenhagen? .no no how about Ljubljana!  Ljubj who?

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a country the size of Montreal (or almost) and it's capital smaller that Chomedey!

However, like most hidden corners of Europe, it has all the essentials to make it ever so charming, enough to maybe even rival it's more renowned neighbors

 A Baroque town square
 A river that runs through the city
 A fountain (ok so not the Trevi fountain but still, it's cute)
 An old guardian
 A place to hang your shoes and chill
 The x-mas must!
 A last but not least a continuous supply of mulled wine under it's medieval castel
So it really isn't the size that counts, it's definitely what you do with it!


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