A rekindled love

I recently pulled out my old Sex and the city DVD's.....man I love this show.  I'm watching season 4 (Aiden returns) and the first episode is about the stigma of being single and in your 30's.... or more specifically being a  single woman in her 30's.  Not that I'm all knowing on the topic (and it's no longer applicable to me) but I am familiar with some of the questions.....

So you don't want kids then right?
So it's just you?
Ju are solo?  Eh everyone this girl she's a solo!
You know there are dating services for expats in Brussels?
But you have to settle down at some point......
But you can't be alone forever?
and my personal favourite.... Well you know you can't live like this forever, when do you plan on starting your life?

I mean what do you answer to these questions?  Yes I'm dying to start my life, I can't wait to share my rent with someone.... And then if you dare say, well actually I'm ok Just me, then obviously you're pretending, it can't be true.  If you dare say you like traveling alone, or sleeping alone and even craziest of crazy you even like going out to dinner alone with a book....

So out of curiosity I started looking online at the different dating services available in Brussels, and from what i'm counting there's 1 man for every 5 women...no wonder some women are panicking, between not being able to start their lives and there being no single men.... but anyhow, I found some of the introductions in the adds quite entertaining.....enjoy.

1) Tom 42

Looking for a christian friendly 25 year old, looking for a spiritual and mythical connection. (yeah and someone almost young enough to be my daughter)

2) Anya 32

Looking for a grown man who isn't afraid to admit that he's wrong... (I think she should revert to women)

3) Rob 47
About me:  I'm very well educated and well read, I'm quite good looking, athletic and enjoy traveling.  I'm generous and very down to earth.... (and not at all self-involved.... if this guy is so perfect I'm wondering why he needs a dating service to meet someone)

4) Julie 37
About me: I'm french, French people are said to be arrogant and self suffiscients and honestly I'm not one of that kind. . . as a matter of fact I feel more Italian (due to my roots) than french.  (i'm assuming she doesn't want to meet french people :) )

So with all these options it's true that being single and of with it is what is truly tragic ....


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