The unmissable pit stop when in the UK

The last time I came to London was when Liz, Rico and I finish school.... I won't say how many years ago because I can't believe it myself, but anyhow, let's say it's been a while.  Sadly, what I remember most about London is how expensive everything was and I have to say it's nice to visit again when I have an actual income of money :)

The Classic emblem
 The Classic Must: Fish and chips
 The tower of London

 St-Paul's Cathedral and to my great regret the home of many...many...many of London's mouse population

It's big Ben, where the queen lives and works.
Works?  What does she does?
She Queens!  :)  (National Lampoon's European vacation)

 A very bac picture of the Rosetta Stone
 A very happy me with my Veuve Clicquot about to go see "The book of Mormon"


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