Who wears short shorts?

Who wears short shorts?  I wear short shorts...

To follow fashion or not to?  I don't know why exactly the fashion trend has moved in the direction of short shorts but then again can you trust an industry which use to promote shoulder pads?
 I was in Prague last month and it was an explosion of short shorts and I Have to say sometimes t’is best to ‘dress’ untrendy than to follow something blindly... 

Now I personally don’t find the short short to be particularly nice even on someone like Heidy Klum but I can say that she does pull it off….however we are regretfully not all Heidy Klum and there is a reason cellulite creams gross something like 40 billion $ per year…. Yes it’s a sad reality but around 90% of us have cellulite and the other 10% is on some sort of steroids I’m sure!  So now since we all have or almost all, the choice is whether we want to put it all out there or not.  For my part it’s a definite no no, I don’t even like looking at myself in the mirror coming out of the shower so there’s really no way I’d be caught dead wearing the short short, I am however amazed at how many women have no problem with it at all.  Are these women blind?  Delusional?  Is their bathroom devoid of mirrors? Or  are they simply confident enough that they don’t care?  I'm curious?


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