Coming home always stirs up the most complex emotions, on the one hand I love living in Europe, I like my job, my new friends and that during any random weekend I can just fly to Florence  But then I come home and feel like I’ve been living on the moon or have just woken up from a random dream and then here I am back at my mom’s and feel like I’m in school again and like nothing has changed but then I realize everything has changed and it makes me realize just how much I’ve missed at home….. and nothing makes me realize this more than big events like a wedding or someone having a baby…. And last this time both have happened…..a very good friend’s wedding and a very good friends perfect little belly! When did this happen? Where have I been? Although these are wonderful events they do make me realize that there is a very big price to being away from all the people you care about.

Life moves on with or without you and although some things never change I can’t help but feel a little sad or nostalgic every time I come home


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