La dolce vita

It’s 11:30 I’m sitting in my room watching the Baron Munchausen in Italian and rolling over after the 10kgs of food I just ingested. Yes I am in Italy, my work just bought an Italian machine for which I am on site helping out with some tests. Since I moved to Europe I consciously decided not to come to Italy…. Why? Well simply because I love it here and I know I would end up only coming back here and I told myself since I’ve been to Italy 4 times already, it might be time to see something else. However if work wants to send me then I have no problem especially if it’s work near Florence and I can stay here for the weekend 

Supplier: Si si la ma-ki-na she isa ready-a no problem.

Us : are you sure all is good? Because we’re 4 people coming so it’s best to tell us before hand if it’s not ready.

Supplier: Si questa makina she isa ready-a.

Si, well true to form, the area is beautiful, the weather is amazing, the food is insane, the locals so friendly but the ma-ki-na she isa nota quite-a ready-a but tutti bene. In fact Italian sounds so beautiful that even when they’re telling you that everything is ok when the machine you came to visit is a pile of sheet metal, you think ok why not tutto bene.  I love Italy, I love Italians….

The suppliers we’re visiting have existed for over 50 years and the owner is the son of the founder, his name being son Supplier who doesn’t believe in producing cheaper machines in Asia or south America who doesn’t fire people who have been working for him for 20 years, who owns his own vines and produces his own wine which he distributes to his employees for Natale…’s crazy how stereotypes come true here. You go visit a machine in Germany and it’s almost perfect when you get there, the supplier is there at 7AM, doesn’t go eat doesn’t take breaks, everything is done efficiently and with every detail taken into account but after working hours it’s done, he won’t ask you to join him for a beer, he won’t offer you home made wine but his machine is in mint condition. In Italy, the machine isn’t anywhere near ready, working hours are what they are but your supplier is your best friend, you can come stay at his house, his wife or mama will cook for you and the ma-ki-na she’ll be ready, everything will be ok…Normale  Yes it’s frustrating because we’re not all on the same rhythm but……. And they’re right next to Florence (you me…. Me you) and Italian is sooo beautiful that I can't even get mad at them.... and they're sooo cute when they smile when someone goes si so maybe I'm a little biased afterall if it doesn't work we'll have to come back to see the Ma-Ki-na again :)  (did I mention it's only 30kms away from Florence....)

I am so lucky to be here 


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