Lost in the storm

Me: so Glen you wanna go back out there?

Glen: Um you mean into the storm? But we just got the courage to get here...

Me: Yeah!

Day 3, surviving the night in our little hutt made us realise just how easy it is to get lost and to be at the mercy of the weather in this type of situation. This 3 square meter house was the guidig light at the end of our tunnel the previous day when we couldn't take skiing anymore and today we were debating if we should stay or pack up and go back to the bigger house which was easier to warm up and easier to move around.

So what to do?
Me: Ah let's go, 1.2kms is no problem we can do it!
Glen: Um I'm a little worried....

So who wins?.... we took off and walked back, the walk only took about 45mins but the challenge was not getting lost and seeing the markers which were almost fully covered. It felt like some sort of National Geographic report, the wind was coming from all sides, the snow piling up at an alarming rate under our feet...but the feeling of having all this craziness around you and somehow under the goggles and the down and wind breaker jacket still being ok, is really unique. In fact it was so unique that once we got to our bigger hutt we left our bags, put our snow shoes on and took off into the storm again. We kept something like a 50m radius from our house which was the maximum possible visibility so as to not get lost.

Anyhow, here is are some pics


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