Day "off"

So after the big storm once we got back to the fancy big wilderness hut, we decided to take a day off from carrying our bags and just head out to ski a little.

As we were about to leave the house, a group of real cross-country skiers were coming to the hut to have lunch. The wilderness huts are free and anyone can stay in them but this one somehow felt like home and I almost felt like telling people Oh I'm sorry we're just heading out so you can't come in now.....

Anyhow, these people had already skied more than 15kms in the time it took us to have breakfast :)

So we set out and it turned out to be the hardest day, my groin was killing me, I had not stretched properly the previous nights and my muscles didn't seem to bother me but that day everything hurt not to mention that the way back to our cabin was up...up and more up.

Start of the day, I still look happy and chill

Looking for a direction, everyone is still happy

Playing in the snow still happy

Big pause of taking pictures.... someone is really really NOT happy!!!

Then home having a nice candle light dinner by the fire, kinda happy again after massive stretching


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