Two worlds colliding and they can never tear us apart

Ok so Jean-Mael and Camille are picking me up at the airport in Brussels and then we're going out for breakfast near le Sablon.....wait no that' not right, I'm going to pick them up at Dorval then driving them to their new place in St-Michel?? Can that be right?

I met JM when I first arrived here in Brussels at my new job at GSK, he once offered me a lift home shortly after my first day and then somehow driving me back to Brussels that one time became driving me to Brussels every night or driving me to his place to have dinner/movie night with him and camille (girlfriend and now wife). It didn't take long for JM and Came to become my social focal point in my new life, from aerobics classes, to trips to Lapland, Amsterdam. Paris..... to sharing the most amazing wedding in the south of france..... I had now not even 24hrs in Montreal to return the favour.

It's the strangest thing when two parts of your life that have nothing to do with eachother suddenly come together.

They got here (or there technically) first week of January, it was cold was one would think about Montreal in January, and second day in Montreal we're off to Nick's Birthday party with everyone. I was a little nervous about the universes colliding but as always, everything went great, now the only hard part is my getting used to the idea that they're no longer here to make leaving home a little easier.

I miss Montreal just a little more now (about 2 people more).

Montreal please take good care of them!


  1. Hello you! You're tagged. Go and check out my blog to learn more! I hope U're all right my darling. Miss you and can't wait to see your answers!

  2. When are you coming back to do the 10000 things we still need to do in Montreal...??? we just did 4 (poutine, bagels, mum, friends)

    Hope social focal point has not shifted too far towards our forever beloved opponents in having you by ourselves, the GGs?

    BTW, do you accept that we sleep in your room while Came's parents are staying over?



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