At every street corner

On the corner of Maisonneuve and Guy Anne Marie and I were plotting on how to sneak me into the Concordia library so I could study with her all night.

ON the corner of Crescent and Maisoneuve, Many and I were having Boustan at 3AM after club Extremes closed for the night.

On the corner of Cote Ste-Catherine and Cote Des-Neiges, Ange and I were having Pho on our Monday night.

On the corner of St-Catherine’s and St-Denis Liz, Rico and I stood outside Jet club in the rain in the middle of summer trying to get it.

On the corner of Milton and University, Laurence and I kissed in my car in hiding….before we told people we were going out 

On the corner of Sherbrook and McGill, Joyce met up with me and took me on my first tour of McGill.

On the corner of Bernard and St-Urbain, I through up after a drunken night for me 25th b-day.

On the corner of Parc and St-Viateur, I have bagels with Steve, Liz, Rico.....after drinks at Whiskey (I love 24hr St-Viateur bagels).

On the corner of Fairmount and Durocher, Helen and I contemplated buying a 3.4milion $ triplex (still in the works).

Soups and noodles on St-Cath’s is where I would go for cheap Asian food when Anne Marie and I needed a break from studying and crying in our respective libraries. It’s also where I got my purse stolen for the only time in Montreal.

I love my city, with its pot holes, it’s terrible snow removal, it’s sometimes dirty sidewalks….. I love Montreal when it’s festival time and it’s hot and humid, I love Montreal when it’s -30 and the entire city is as alive as if it were +30. I love Schwartz, and Beauty’s, and l’Assommoir, and Bernard street, and beaver tails, and Nelson….. I love that all these places represent a memory, a moment spent with an old friend, a new friend, a first date……maybe a last date…..  A birthday or just a regular night out. Montreal isn’t just a great city, it’s my great city and it’s in so many ways a series of stories that make up the bigger story of my life.


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