Merry Christmas

FNAC ave Louise (it's the european equivalent to HMV)

Lady in line in front of me, let's call her Nathalie and her husband Jonh.

Nathalie: Ok so we have 7 gifts done for Lisa's kids and Peter's kids but I'm thinking we spent 10 Euro on Margaret's gift and 12 euro for the other kids so maybe we should get her something else?

Jonh: It's a bit much don't you think, I don't think they'll look up the prices online and see which kids you spent the most money on.

Nathalie: No no, you don't know how it works, Lisa will know and she won't like it and then I'll feel guilty so maybe we should get Margaret the other book the one that costs a little more, that way it's even for everyone.

Jonh: A book is a book and Margaret is 4!!!

Nathalie: Ok I'll go get it, stay in line so we don't lose our spot.

I swear this sounds like I'm making it up but it's really how it happened. As if Christmas shopping through the hungry mobbs isn't bad enough.... you also have to keep a flow chart and an equal budget for every gift.

Ahhh isn't expression of love through gifts a wonderful thing!


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