Brux => Yul

December 22nd, at the airport, my flight is 3 hours late and did everyone know this but when your flight is late the check-in time is the same? SO I checked this morning if all was well with my flight to YUL and when I found out it was late I thought, awesome I can go back to bed……well not so much, it says on the airport website that you still have to show up on time for check-in… then why even tell people beforehand?

I’ve discovered a very interesting fact about myself, there’s internet at the airport and what do I think of doing? Getting internet access and working!!! Yes I had a conference meeting from the airport and mainly because I wanted to have it in order to get some last minute stuff on before the new year. I’ve grown very fond of my work but the thing is I’ve become addicted to it. I could never quite understand before how this happened to people, how you become a workaholic but now I know, you work in packaging validation at GSK in Belgium……ok and maybe because your name is Andreea.

So now I have to take the famous “resolution” for the new year and alongside losing weight, becoming a better person, exercising more, taking tango and Spanish and rock climbing lessons , reading more, finding a cure for cancer and solving world hunger, I think I really REALLY need to focus on working less so I can find time to do all the other stuff.

What are everyone else’s resolutions?


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