Lazy Sunday

Just got home from an "underground" party at the Midi train station for the Brussels' nuit blanche. Ok so 3 + 7hours of sleep + (10min X6 (for each hard drink) = alarm for 11AM :)

Ah moping in bed just a little..... but not too long because it's sunny and 26 degrees outside. So a little mope, a little coffee with some jazz and off to the market. Not far from my new home, there's a flee martket on Saturdays and Sundays, there are restaurants all around and people playing Jazz.... they say it's the last little bit left of Brussels which is still brussels, alittle like the Mile end in Montreal..... somehow we do always end up in the same type of places :)

Let's eat
Me: Pardon est-ce la place à côté de vous est prise?

Lui: Non je vous en prie Mademoiselle.

Serveur: Mademoiselle, que puis-je vous servir?

Me: Um un lait russe et un croque Monsieur.

Serveur: Ca arrive, pronto!

Lui: Mademoiselle, je peux vous demander si vous étiez dans le tram hier, le 94 vers 18hrs.

Me: Euuh, vous me suivez? :) Si j'étais dans le tram.

Lui: Wow, c'est drinque, j'ai vraiment regretté ne pas vous avoir parlé hier et maintenant voilà qu'on est sur une terasse ensemble.

Me: :)

Lui: alors vous avez des enfants, vous etes mariée ?

Me: bonjour moi c'est Andreea enchantée :)

After 2 hours of beer tasting and soaking up sun with a handsome Tunisian discussing world issues I was off to enjoy the last few hours of sun at the parc, the Brussels equivalent of lazy sunday at Mount Royal without the tam tams.

4:30: I'm off, ok as long as I'm home but 8-ish I should have enough time for my spanish homework and cooking a little dinner. I took a Villo (Bixie) along Ave Louise (Maisoneuve) through traffic and people just lounging around.

Great 5PM at the parc, had a little time to walk around, read and have a mini picnic while watching everyone EVERYONE around me make out and then I decided t'was time to go home.

Ok where to exit the parc? Hm ok I guess I can get out anywhere and the figure it out.... well not really, just as you can get out of Mount Royal near Cote-Ste-Cath or on Parc ave, getting out and figuring it out not so easy even less so when you don't know a city. Although I have now been here one year I don't drive around and surprisingly you don't learn how to get around when you metro-it everywhere.... Ok so out of the parc it's 7PM, I can still make it home by 8, I just have to figure out where home it. So I walked for 10 mins-15min....nothing looks familiar, I finally end up asking someone and it turns out I did get out at Cote-Ste-Cath when I needed to get out at Parc!!!

No worries, I'll get a Villo and find my way home sooner or later. Ok hop on my bike and we're off.....10 mins later, nope still nothing looks familiar....Wait...oh no, nothing. Then out of nowhere the chain on my bike breaks. Ok no worries I'll find a station and bring it back, get another bike and hop. 10min....15mins....30mins... of walking with my bike not knowing where i was, when I turn a corner only to discover that I had been turning in circles around the main ave I was looking for!!!

It's great to relax isn't it?


  1. That was honestly the best post ever! at least it was for me because I could totally relate to it. (except for the Tunisian man segment.)


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