I´m tired of crying in airports!!!!

It`s just not good, it`s either because I´m leaving a place I love and I´m not sure I´ll ever be back or how long i`ll be away and what i`ll miss while I´m away. Or it´s a heartbreaking goodbye because someone I´ve just spent a month with in a lost country in South east Asia is leaving and we`ll never see eachother again.....
It`s leaving mz best friend after her wedding and not knowing when we´ll meet up again and what will happen in between.

It´s leaving my friends, my family, my old life.......my new life.....

I can´t saz why I was crying today or I can say it but I don´t want to on my blog but I was crying on my way to spend the weekend with an old friend in Budapest..... I don´t wanna cry in airports anymore!


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