I`m a loser baby so why don`t you kill me

(Just so my mom doesn`t freak out, the title is from a song and not my thoughts exactly).

It's quite silly, I know but this philosophy of living life to the fullest is quite exhausting, I'm home tonight, having take out and watching the french version of the learning channel on the history of the oceans and feeling guilty for not going out, enjoying brussels or doing something else.

I have an acquaintance who is thinking of taking off and travelling through South East Asia as of January....I can't say it hasn't awakened a little desire in me to go away again.

It's sometimes a bit much to always be thinking or wondering of what else or what else "better" you could be doing.

So I'm going to have my Thai soup from the little Thai lady at the corner of my street and watch a silly movie, I'll leave the guilt part for tomorrow.


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