A wonderful surprise!

Friday afternoon Europe time, I check my hotmail and....

Hey Andreea,

Guess what. Al and I are going to Belgium! Guess when. We are leaving tomorrow! We are expected to arrive Saturday Morning in Brussels. Wanna do brunch? See you real soon!


What ta #$%^&**&^%$????? Yup that's Al and Chau, at first I thought it was a joke but nope true to form here's one:

and of course the other:

And the best one of all:

So yup there we were Al, Chau and I in MY Brussels! We got together for drinks on Saturday into the wee wee hours of the night(morning) with some friends of mine from here. There were moments when it all felt so sureal that I thought I was dreaming, my peeps from home and my peeps from here? Me "showing" Al and Chau how my life here is going.... crazy!

All I have to say is that, especially after my last post, I couldn't have asked for a better surprise, maybe coming home won't be that hard afterall.

I couldn't thank you guys enough for an awesome time.


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