Neither here nor there.....

It's a funny feeling sometimes to be walking around a place you've learnt to call home but which isn't really home.....but then when you think of home it's not quite home either anymore.

They say when people immigrate to a new country, to make a new life for themselves, they never quite feel like they belong, obviously different from the the place they have immigrated to and then when returning home somehow changed and different from the place they left.

I completely understand this feeling. Although I feel blessed to living so many incredible things through traveling and living somewhere new with everything that comes with it, the new people, new experiences,wonderful things you get to see and do and try... all of it and I also feel blessed to be someone who adapts well and can make a life and be happy almost anywhere, there`s still this little part of you which doesn't really belong.

The really scary part isn't that though, the scary part is going home and realizing that you've changed in certain ways that make you feel like you don't belong back home either..... Maybe being a Nomad is the price to pay for wanting to see the world.

Maybe I have gypsie blood in me after all.....


  1. Dear Andreea,

    following your blog from now on, so im up 2 date everytime. I`m really glad and a little bit envied seeing you traveling around the world. You've quite seen a lot and also lived with other peoples, learned more about their culture and so on. You deserve it! So keep going.

    We werent able to go to Belgium, i'm very sorry for that.

    Hope to see you again in a certain time.

    Best regards,
    Christian Dragan, Germany


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