More of the little world in France

On the way from Blois to Chaumont sur Loire:

A little lack of cooperation from mother nature lead to a very stylish new look:

A little substitute for the sun :)

Listen carefully to stories of how it was.....

When Henry II died, his mistress, Diane de Poitiers (who was 19 years older than him) was kicked out of her perfect little castle Chenonceau by Henry's wife Catherine de Medecis. Since Diane had made some very important friends, although the queen hated her, she couldn't completely get rid of her and provoke an upraising from her supporters. Catherine gave Diane a smaller and more 'modest' chateau to live in, Chaumont sur Loire which sits high about the town on the stone hill.

1) Diane la belle des belles

Diane's new and more modest home:


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