Belgium and it's little surprises....

So we have a four day weekend..... what to do? Where to go? Ok maybe it's time to put another country on the list.... North, South....East?....East! Budapest! Done I'm going to Budapest! Now to go alone or see who else is up for it?.....A few days later I had a destination and a friend to go with :)

Of course things don't always go as planned and due to lack of time and overwork I had to postpone my visit to the Paris of the east :)

So then what to do? I guess I could stay in Belgium....pfff Belgium.... So off to the Ardennes with one of my favourite travelling partners and as it turns out Belgium is well worth the time to get to know it.

I had an absolutely fantastic time!

Did alittle of my favourite activity.... I am getting better at it but I don't understand why every time I go mountain biking it has to be in ridiculous hilly conditions! Meggi and I got a little side-tracked on the way to Orval Abbey and ended up in a little village in France.....not every day you get lost biking and end up in France usually it's more like Duverney so this was a nice change
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And the rest was fantastic and now I'm obsessed with seeing all of Belgium.

And no Belgian weekend could be complete without some beer related activity (Orval Abbey where the monks make the lovely brown Orval)


  1. I'm jealous! replace your mountain bike by a real bike (the kind with an internal combustion engine) and that would sound like a perfect day!


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