O Solo Mio

O Solo (sola) Mio


Chica at the front desk: Hola please leave your bags at the door, give me your passeports and I will get your rooms ready..... Elizabeth and Steve ju have a doobel room, Dumi...Dumin...something and Katz...Kat... ju have another double room not far from jour friends.

Me: And Andreea Vladan?

Chica: Hmm? Where is your passeport? Ju alone? (turning to the other chica...Solo?)

Me: Jes

Chica: Ah ju very far from the rest! SOLO!

Me; NNNNooonnn ju fix it!!!

Chica: Ok jes we find SOLO room for ju.

DAY 2:

Liz: So let's go see the tour guy and see if anything interests us, I really want to go horse back riding!

Me: Oh and I really really want to go to Habana.


Tour Guide: Jes we can get you a Jeep "safari", ju drive jour own jeep, ju go snorkeling, ju go horse back riding, speed boat.....

Liz: Great, we're 5.

Tour guide: ah no jeep is for four people, SOLO ju find someone else to go with!

Me: Euuhhh no

Tour guide: And for Habana taxi is only for 4 people so SOLO ju still want to go? (really and in his tone it was like, do ju still want to to be alive since ju are Solo?)


Of course at an all inclusive resort where they don't allow triple occupancy and all rooms come with a giant king size bed, they hardly expect anyone to really show up Solo.... and they're not afraid to let you know.

Being Solo has never bothered me in the least, I got to meet and go out with a few of the locals and the Jeep tour was in fact for 4 people only and we were about 9 jeeps on our supper safari. It felt like we were tourist cattle going from one place to another :) I got to sit with the guide and photographer who gave me a personal tour.... in the Solo is not so bad :)


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