The itch

Ok so it's no secret that the all inclusive type holiday is not my thing but of course with the right people and the right amount of Cuba libre.....

So although not something I would do every year for my vacation, being in Cuba did give me the itch again.... yes that itch to take off and travel again, really travel. To meet people, travelers or locals and really live a country. I say live because there is a big difference between running from city to city and seeing things to traveling in a country and getting to know it.

So I haven't decided what exactly but I think it's going to happen again.... not sure when or for how long but it would make sense to see some of south America since it was so rudely left out of my world tour :)

So thank you to my wonderful friends for a wonderful week and thank you Cuba for giving me an itch that I'm dying to scratch a little.


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