Enough now

It's a strange thing when you don't see things the same way people around you do. I think everyone has the right to make their own definition of what life should be, of what happiness should be.

Last night I was out with some friends, having a little be-lated birthday celebration, when someone said oh I have friends coming to meet up with us and maybe there will be a nice single guy for you (for me). Of course this person meant nothing bad by it but I didn't like his comment at all. In fact I hate this idea that people think they know what I want or need or maybe project their own "worries" on me. I'm quite happy with my life and I don't roam around or go to events in the hopes of meeting someone, if it happens, then it happens and if it doesn't then it doesn't and such is life.

I just wish this wouldn't be an issue anymore, we're not all going through life looking for that one special person to share it with, as lovely as that sounds I can honestly say not too many couples I know make me jealous or make me wish I had what they have and I HATE people presuming that I need it just the way they need it.

So all I'm asking is for people to just let it be, when I say I think I might want to take some more time off to travel, say "wow great for you", don't say "well of course you're alone so what else are you going to do" and stop making it all about that because in the end if we're all honest, we don't know that many couples who after a lifetime together are still 100% in love and who don't wonder what else there was in life so to each our own.


  1. People are stupid... There is nothing wrong with travelling, I'm actually really happy for you! Hopefully I'll run into you somewhere someday, and we can trade travel stories... I'm just remembering our no hotel trip to Amsterdam, now that was fun!


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