Why do I do this to myself?

Saturday early night.... what to do? Most of my friends are out of town for the weekend, I have a big week at work coming up and then I'm coming home.... Ok so no more justification needed (because I always need justification to stay home and do nothing), I'm going to stay home, read maybe watch a movie....yeah a movie something I haven't seen yet or haven't seen in a while?

Hmmm let's see a good Saturday night home alone feel-good movie?? Let's see what I've downloaded lately? The Kubrick collection....yeah some Kubrickness, Space Odyssey?? Lolita? Eyes wide shut? No I got it The Shining yeah that's a good movie to watch at home alone on a Saturday night! Man gone mad and wants to kill his family in an isolated hotel in the mountains....should put me right to sleep! So yeah it's as scary as I remembered it...Jack Nicholson is scary, Shelley Duval is scary, the kid is scary (kids in horror movies are always scary), the scenario is scary, the music is ridiculously scary.... a good movie nonetheless but now here I am it's midnight and I can't sleep because of my not so wise movie choice.


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