How many?

So here I am minutes away from a big step in my life, I have to say being in Cuba with 4 of my closest friends is not a bad way to enter a new decade of my life..... Nonetheless though as it's raining outside and everyone has gone to bed you do start thinking about it all.

One thing that's really on my mind tonight is how many have there been so far? You know how "many"? And also how do you count them? Do the short unexpected ones count as much as the long live planned out ones......Those that only lasted a few days or maybe even less but somehow still managed to touch you.....Those that took a piece of yourself and will forever be linked to a period of your life.... Those that happened only because the right elements aligned at the right time.....some that you hoped and planned for and others that you now wonder if it was a waste or not...

Some that you loved and were broken in half when they ended, some you enjoyed but were happy to move on.... some that you can't even really remember?

Do you count them all? Do they all count in the same way?

Then about the total number, is there such as thing as too many? Does it mean something? Does it mean that you don't consider it enough before doing it? Not enough that you don't get out there and LIVE your life?

It's not an easy thing to wrap your mind around..... but tonight as I sit here in our little cuban resort, I've counted them all one by one and recalled them all, some with nostalgia, some with a little sadness, many with great appreciation.... and ironically as I am about to turn 30 there have been 31 in total!!! Yes 31, again I'm not saying that they all meant the same thing to me but they all contributed to making me alittle more the me I am today and for that I am grateful :)

Yes I have visited 31 countries from a total of 194.... I still have a few to go!

I'm off to have another cuba libre and go to bed cuz tomorrow is going to be a big day!


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