Ze people

So as I said we were 11 people including myself, it's obviously not always easy to come into a group of friends who, minus a girlfriend and a boyfriend, have known eachother for over 15 years and see eachother only a few times per year. Obviously there are things you don't get, obviously there are moments when you're more of an observer because of all the catching up time-period and of course the overall comfort level isn't quite the same as with your own friends......

I have to admit, there wasn't one minute when I didn't think of home and my peeps, so much of the trip, the up-northness, the inside jokes, the long-lasting friendships.... how could I not miss home and wish I could get a few more trips with my own peeps (like maybe say Cuba at the end of April???)

So yes there were those moments, but then there are other moments when you think how many times in life do we get to meet new people? And in these circumstances? Back home I'd be with you guys, who needs "new" people? So in the end you kinda have to make a choice, yes it's a little different, yes I"m the stranger but how lucky am I? How lucky to have met 8 new very interesting people and to have been able to share a vacation with them? This is when you kinda have to chose, you either dwell on what you don't have or try to focus on what you do. So thank you to my Lapland co-vacationers for a lovely holiday :)


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