Who, what , when, where, how?

Ok so now let's talk a little bit about everything else. Jean Mael is a former co-worker who I now consider a very good friend along with his perfect girlfriend Camille who is my workout, shopping, female companion, hairdressing buddy and all the other good stuff. (on a side note they are planning on moving to Montreal for a little while so you guys will have to help me make them feel welcome back home like they have for me here :)

Anyhow, Jean-Mael who is from the south of France, and his highschool friends are still very close and they try to go on one (or more) trips every so often and this year the choice was Lapland, where one of his friends' godparents live. Yes we stayed in a cottage in Lapland owned by a family from the south of France who at one point in the lives refused to come to Quebec because it was too cold :)

Our hosts, Gilles and Lorraine, had left France on a boat with their kids and ended up in Sweden, just like that. They had lived in Spain at one point as well and just felt like they needed a change.....and so they now own one of the only (if not the only) "resort" type accommodations in the area where people can enjoy doing all the winter good stuff and coming home to a hot sauna every night.

Gilles is the type of person who just knows it all, a real-life Bear Grylls man versus wild kinda guy. When he would take us snow shoeing for 8 hours, we realized that he had already done the trail once and would do it again at the end of the day to fetch our supplies back.....

We were 11 in total, the trip involved some level of activity and dealing with cold so our nights were fairly quiet after absorbing 250g of fat every night and feeling justified for it :)


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