The Other Krakow

So I think the pictures speak for themselves, but I will say that I've become information craved about WWII since I've been travelling around Europe.

A war, here? Not in some lost place in Africa or South East asia but here a place that feels so much like home. Not that it's ok to have war in africa or a small country in south east asia, all I mean to say is that in those circumstances you can have a little distance from it (not in any way making it any less horrible) but in Europe it's so close to home, not geographically but in philosophy, culture, people's mentality.... that when you see pics of the war here you think it could almost be Canada, it could almost have happened, you can almost see yourself in it. What it war really? How could it happen in Europe only 70 years ago? How did people live for 6 years? I don't mean in concentration camps because we have quite a bit of exposure to that but how would you and me live in these circumstances? Would we go to work? Would there be anything available in grocery stores? Would restaurants be open? Would we ski and shop? Would we have gas for our cars? How would we live for 6 years of "occupation"?

I can't in any way imagine what life, every day life must have been like here.....


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