More eastern Europe

More eastern Europe :)

So the people in Ploand were nice but they seem to be very no bullshit people, example:

1) we bought tickets to go see the Wawel castle and my two hubbies have teachers' passes which they only took out once the tickets had been printed...

Me: Oh sorry can you give my friends the teachers' discount

Ticket Lady (TL): No now I pRint Ticket, next time to say beFore.

Me: Oh you can't reprint them? Is the english guided visit soon?

TL: Yes is now, you go now, ticket pRinted!

2) Dinner:

Anthony: I think I want the duck, is the duck good here?

Waither: No you have pork, is betteR, is with mushRoom sauce

Anthony: No I really want the duck

Waither: No pork is better!

Anthony: I'll have the duck please

Waiter turning to Jeroen: Ok you hIeave the pork

Jeroen: Ok I have pork :)

After dinner:

Me: Hm I'm tired I should have a coffee if we wanna go out. Excuse-me I'll have a cafe au lait please

Waiter: Ah no you have Cherry Vodka is better!

Me: Um ok can I also have a coffee ?

Waiter: No cherry vodka....

And so it was.....

by the way the castle was lovely without any english visits for the part we were seeing..... the pork and cherry vodka were very good :)


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