The land of Ponies

"when I was a little girl in Poland, I had a pony, my sister had pony, my cousin had pony and we loved them :) " (Seinfeld for those who wonder what the weirdness is about.

The idea in being in Europe, aside from the work which is very interesting and the people I've met, is to get to see some of the places that I wouldn't really have gotten the chance to visit from home.

So with that in mind and the pony mystery....and the ryanair cheap flights, last weekend I decided to go to Krakow with my hubbies. So here is some of Poland or Krakow to be more exact which was a wonderful surprise. It is a beautiful city with so much history and to some extent there still seems to be some type of sadness about the city a segregation between the old and the new.....

PS: I saw no one on ponies!


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