What if?

What if I hadn't left in 2009? What if I had stayed....what If my last relationship had worked? Would I be married? Would my life me completely different? Would I regret not having left or would I be happy with the choices I had made.

What if I hadn't come to Brussels? Would I be better off in Montreal? What if I hadn't met some of the people I met last year? Would my trip had been different?

What if I had taken more of a chance on certain things? Would I be a braver person? What if I had opened up more of myself in certain situations?Would I be closer to certain people?

What if I had never fallen in love? Would I be desperately looking for it or less afraid it would end up hurting or weakening me?

What if I had become a dancer? Would I be successful? What if I would have studied something else? What if I had stayed in Madagascar? Nepal? Cambodia?..... Would I be able to make a life for myself there?

What if it doesn't work out? What if I get hurt? What if I end up hating what I do? What if I end up not liking myself? Would I know how to change it ? Would I want to change it?

What if..... So many options when you think about it, the second you make one decision it seals the deal on so many other things that could have happened or so many other directions life could have taken. I guess it's not good to linger too much on what if's and be happy with how it is and base ourselves on the logical path of decision making but sometimes......just Sometimes you can't help but wonder and sometimes question it all. THen again it's the type of questions we'll never really have answers to so why bother asking them? Maybe because they help see things clearer.....or Not.....

I'm just thinking tonight, thinking about all of it, I'm not sure why or even what I hope to get out of it but I just thought I'd send some of it out into the void and see if anything comes back :)


  1. Quantum theory tells us that there is a universe for each "what if" you mentioned. The only trick is to figure out how to see the results!

  2. The only advice I can offer is to trust that you are where you are at this very moment because it's the best place for you to be right now.

    The best things in my life have come as a direct result of two things: The biggest, riskiest choices I have made, and the most painful times I have gone through.

    Without heartache we can't understand our full rage of emotions. Without going to dark places we can't have true compassion for those that are there now. Without overcoming difficult times we can't know our true strength and potential.

    Don't be afraid of making the wrong choices, so long as you are making choices they are the right choices for you at the time! Even if they turn out badly they will serve as a lesson and contribute to your personal growth.


    Miss you

  3. Thank you Erika, I know what you mean, every event has it's reason for being and I'm very happy that everything has worked out so well for you.
    Let me know if you feel like catching up in Brussels.....it's been 15 years since our last visit here :)
    Miss you too


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