There not having been any other option to fly back to Europe this past weekend, I had to fly from Montreal to Toronto to Rome and then to Brussels....

Of course, true to form my YUL to Toronto’s lovely Pearson airport was one hour late and considering it’s a one hour flight the ratio is not so impressive, then of course, you’re in Toronto and the only thing that can come out of that is that they lose your luggage 

Then onto the next flight: AlItalia! Si let’sa fly-a the Italy flight-a to Roma..... and I have to say I’ve missed Italy not that a 767 dating back to the early 80’s filled with a bunch of minga-bro’s is Italy but the excessive cologne and gold jewellery worn my men did make me reminisce...

Firstly, Italian men, although again are alittle intense on the perfume, can be quite attractive, usually well dressed and the Italian they speak is so beautiful, even the security instructions sounded like a melodic sonnet.... la cintura di securitat! True some Italian men are a little greasy, a little baldy and a little round from all the pasta/pizza/canolis.... like the man sitting across from me who I swear stared at my the entire flight including when I was sleeping and picking leftover raviolis from my gums.

Our 767 was the old kind with the little TV in the middle, ear phones that don’t work and the seat in the back still had ashtrays! (suddenly the one hour late aircanada flight doesn’t seem so bad since you do get private little TV) and I swear before starting the movie they showed pictures of italy and then of the 2006 world cup! Enough already! I mean I`ll never say no to seeing more of Cannavaro but it's enough with the world cup, we get it you won in 2006.

So there I was on a plane with 240 pairs of waving/gesticulating hands with the only people who might be louder than I am......

The service on AlItalia is as good as anywhere in Europe, where the waiter or flight attendants ignore you and make you feel bad for ordering water and then give you bad looks if you haven’t finished your glass of water they were bothered to bring you.... I love it!

Then at Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino airport I swear everything smelled of expensive leather, pasta and coffee.... I really have to make time to come back to Rome.

PS: They lost my luggage in Toronto which does not help increase my affection towards the wanna-be Everything city


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