a few questions I've been asking myself

OK so I'm not saying it's necessary to have 24hr Walmarts so that at any hour one can buy 4gallons of shampoo but why aren't public functions such as the post office and banks in Europe only open from 9 to 5pm?

Why do people in Philadelphia cheese commercials always smile while chewing their toast with Philadelphia?

Why do trains have trouble running when it snows?

Why do people ask you how you are doing while walking and they don't even have time to hear your answer?

Why do we insist on buying things all the time even when we come home and realize our closets are already too full?

Why do all hair dressers think they know best what you want? Why do they all like VOLUME in your hair even if you specifically tell them you hate it? Do they think suddenly you'll have a volume epiphany?

Why is the weather always a good topic of conversation?

How do you get the Caramel in the Caramilk bar?

Why does running 30 mins burns 300 calories and eating 2 apples make you gain 300 calories?

.....and so many more....


  1. Concerning the weather:
    Everyone is able to reply.
    You don't have to study or read a lot about it. You don't have to speak foreign languages. You don't have to have watched TV yesterday and you won't get in prison for saying, that the weather isn't the way as you like it.


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