Dreaming of a white Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Montreal`s Trudeau Airport, the weather is -5 degrees, cloudy with light snow..... roughly the same weather as in Brussels only without the panic.

It`s nice to be home....in a place where the city still functions even with 10cms of snow on the ground.

Last week I went to Aachen, Germany, to enjoy the spoils of their renowned Christmas market.....Aachen is about 180kms away and 2 days of train when there’s 15cm of snow....at one point I felt like I was back in Madagascar though a little cleaner and slightly better peeing facilities.

Did everyone know that trains can’t run in the snow? How does the trans-siberian work? To get to Aachen I had to change trains in Liege and take a Thalys (the French high speed train) which at first was 20mins late.....then 180mins late and then we were told it had actually never left France so it was 180 mins late at it’s point of departure.....Paris on it’s way to Aachen.

I then spent the night in Cologne with Meggi and the next day, the morning train was on time only the busses weren’t running in the city so I actually never made it to the train station! The next train was 3 hours later and 55 mins late. That train made to Aachen and stopped due to mechanical issues! So I got to enjoy the Christmas market once again...I didn't see it as a very positive thing on the spot but as it would appear the weather is not in my control...nor is the train network in Europe!


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