Part IV: Church

Right there is more than just make-up and pictures....something ceremonial in all this.

I don't have any pics of the church because I was too busy forgetting to bring the emergency kit gym-bag, and crying at the front of the church and trying not to die from excessive feet trauma (one day my feet are just going to leave me after all the pain I've put them through).

So you'd think that being the only one to cry at rehearsal the night before, I'd be ok the day of.....well no not at all! Aside from the usual wedding tears what really got to me was Ange's mom. Honestly for as long as I've known her, I've never seen her anywhere near tears, she's just a very strong and direct lady and not too much gets to her, but on that day the flood gates were opened.

In a traditional, and although more symbolic in this case, Asian marriage, the idea is really that the girl leaves her family to join and become a part of her husband's family. This added to the fact that Ange now lives in California which is way too many kms away from Montreal, it just seemed even sadder to see Mrs Song cry. So as strong as i may have been before on the crying thing (and I wasn't really), the moment I saw Mrs Song's face I broke down as elegantly as I could have considering I was at the alter in front of everyone :)

It was a beautiful ceremony, so beautiful we had to turn people away because the church was over capacity


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