The day before

Ok one more day and it all has to come together. This is when I started freaking out, I have to admit the no-sleep factor for most of the week didn't help and of course you want everything to be perfect but above all you want to somehow make it easier on the bride which isn't easy when the bride is the most compromising person in the world.

That's the thing about Ange, she'd rather pull every hair out of her head one by one before even thinking of doing something that might make someone else not 100% happy.

This isn't always easy when planning a wedding with 2 receptions (110 people and 230 people) on the same day with an overbooked church and a bridal party which is running on 5-hour nights for the past week. People are going to get pissy and snappy, it happens but Ange will try to do it all to just make sure the only person who "suffers" is herself.....and then you have someone like me lecturing her about going to bed and learning to prioritise.....(sorry babes).

But in the end you start remembering why all this is happening, and it just somehow comes together then all the other little things don't matter any more. This moment for me was during the church rehearsal seeing Ange and her dad walk down the aisle....


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