The big day Part I: Make-up

The first thing the night before try to get the bride to sleep more than 3 hours.... this did not work so well for me, so there we were at 3AM the night before doing all the little things which seemed very important. Urgent facials/nails/trying on the wedding dress 5 times and the emergency kit bag. What to bring? Sewing kit, band-aids, hair stuff, girl stuff, deodorant, a little chocolate, tooth brush.....let's just say I had enough for us to survive 2 weeks in the desert (only i left the bag at the reception hall after pics and before the church when some of these articles could have been of some use.....with 3-hours of sleep, the thinking thing kinda lags alittle).

Anyhow, ok I get everyone to wake up which is ironic considering how much of the morning person I am but we were up. Get in the car, get a heavy dosage of coffee and try to be peppy and cheerful (again I'm so not a morning person).

Then hair and make-up, we were all suppose to already know how we wanted both our hair and make-up.... (all I wanted was to not look like i had a mullet....).

The "challenge" the day of, is that we all have this idea of what we want and it isn't always how it turns out, I had specified that I don't usually wear make-up and I wanted something natural and I HATE FOUNDATION HATE! so of course I ended up looking orange and getting a rash from the FOUNDATION :). There was a mini-drama scene at the make-up place but in the end everything worked out.

We had a mini minute of rain at the very moment we came out hair and make-up done after a full week of sunshine (of course) but not too much harm was done :)

Ok part I check! On to pics


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