1*** hints on being a maid of honour

Being Maid of honour is as the name would imply quite the honour, to have your best friend make you such an integral part of her big day..... at the same time it can be easy to get "carried away" on how much you should do on how much is expected of you.... so here is how I went about it.

As most of you know my childhood korean sister, Angela, got married to one of the only people on this world as wonderful as she is :) and I had the "honour of being her maid of honour".

First step, planning the shower/bachelorette. The challenge, I live in Europe and the wedding and bride are in California....and on a 9-hour time difference. Therefore, obviously a few things didn't quite go according to schedule..... A little wrongfully reserved Spa-date made us end up at the "Grove" in Los Angeles ready for a celebrity sighting....or I should say THE celebrity sighting....BRAD PITT!!! Yes this is a pic of 10% of his head and we were about 3m away from him! So he was the first order of the day. (and yes he is just as perfect in person....)


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