Flirting with 40

On Wednesday nights on channel VIJF, they play cheesy girly movies, from French Kiss to Valentine`s day and last week Flirting with 40 was on with Heather Locklear. Heather plays a 40 year-old divorcé who meets this 27 year-ld surf instructor and Yadi-yada-yada.

So I get it, for centuries no one even flinched at the idea of a 60 year old man ending up with a little 14 year-old girl....however an older woman with a younger man always raises a few eyebrows. Nowadays though, things are changing, women can be and do whatever they want. You don't have to be an astronaut, you don't have to be a stay at home mom, you don't have to be a shopaholic......but you can and it's ok. Women don't have to really prove themselves or justify their choices they can just be whatever they want to be and that's ok.

On the same wavelength you do tend to see more and more older women younger men couples and why not. This movie is in a way an empowerment to women, Look at me I'm 40 and yeah I'm dating a 27 year-old! Sure I'm all for it but see not all 40 year-old women look like Heather Locklear, not all 20 year olds look like her either. There are scenes in the movie when she tries to hide her body saying she's had 2 children and blah blah blah..... then 5 mins later she's in a red bikini and obviously looks perfect.

In most movies depicting older women with younger men, the women in question are Heather Locklear, Uma Thurman.... and such women who spend 18 hours per day in a gym and look incredible and nowhere near their depicted age in the movie. Then older men with youner women, Sean Connery, yes a very attractive man but still looks like an older man, Harisson Ford.....

So what these movies are saying is yeah it's ok being an older woman with a younger man as long as you don't look your age and are in perfect shape as many single moms raising 2 kids and working usually are with all the free time on their hands.

So how about a movie, when the older woman in question is not a super model or someone who has had $$$$ dollars invested in plastic surgery? Just an idea!


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